PTL landing page

Welcome to Holy Ghost Lutheran School's PTL Page

Holy Ghost Lutheran School PTL (Parent Teacher League) exists to support the school with resources and connect families with one another. We plan fun activities and events for school families, lend financial assistance to the school for enhancement of school property and activities, and offer families chances to get to know one another as they participate in school functions.


How do I join?

Every school parent is automatically a member of PTL, and we encourage as much participation as possible! If you have any talents that you’d like to share with us to help make our school functions even better, let us know! Some examples might be event planning/organizing, baking, music, decorating, advertising, making flyers and handouts, and so much more! Please let a board member know if you’d like to become more involved. If you’re not into planning the events, that’s okay too! We’d still love to see you at our school events, making memories with other school families!