Holy Ghost Lutheran Preschool Program

The Holy Ghost preschool program has a long tradition of preparing students for success in the classroom and beyond. Children need to experience interaction with others their age. They need to learn how to share and be a friend. Preschool children need to be taught how to be a student – following instructions and classroom routines.

My children learned these things at Holy Ghost. Now much older, they began their academic careers within the loving environment that Holy Ghost offers. Some of their friendships that were forged over sharing crayons as a preschooler are still the relationships that support them through life today.

Our teachers offer a preschool program that centers on what children need to develop into a school ready learner.
I would love to discuss the Holy Ghost difference
with you. Come and see why parents are
choosing Holy Ghost!
– Kevin Gundell, Principal

“There are numerous benefits we experience at Holy Ghost, wonderful teachers, great facility and involved parents. We love the Bible-centered curriculum, which helps our son develop a Biblical worldview. Smaller class sizes, high scholastic standards, outstanding school spirit, sports and extra-curricular activities, and a safe environment all blend together to give us confidence and great trust in Holy Ghost.”
5th Grade Parent