5th Grade Curriculum Page

5th Grade Curriculum

Holy Ghost Lutheran School’s curriculum integrates Christian faith and the Common Core Standards.

Religion We are using the “One in Christ” Exploring God’s Word- Concordia curriculum.  In our studies, the students will learn to use God’s Word to accomplish the following: 1) confront us with the Law, showing us our sin and need for a Savior, 2) lead us to see God’s grace in sending Jesus to redeem us from sin, death, and the devil and, 3) encourage us as we daily live in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  

Memory Verses:  Memory tests are scheduled for Thursdays (Catechism Memory) and Fridays (Bible Scripture).    

The Faith Alive Student Bible- English Standard Version and Luther’s Small Catechism are a requirement for this core subject.  Both are available in the office for sale.

ELA-Holy Ghost adheres to the NYS Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards which strives to help foster a love for learning and a lifelong desire to attain college readiness and a positive future for each child.  

Reading-  Reading instruction is delivered through various strategies which include the following: Guided Reading, Partner Reading, Shared Reading, and Silent Sustained Reading.  Reading texts are varied with an emphasis on informational text and non-fiction texts along with literature texts. Students are asked to make connections with their reading.  Students can make three different kinds of connections (text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world). Students then use this knowledge to find their own personal connections to a text.  Making authentic connections helps the students gain a deeper understanding of their reading. Assessments include journaling, comprehension quizzes, quarterly assessments, and evidence based response journals.

Writing- Writing is based on the Six Traits of Writing:  ideas organization, voice, word choice, fluency, conventions and presentation.  The ability to write logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound reasoning, and relevant evidence is a cornerstone of the writing standards, with opinion writing- a basic form of argument-extending down into the earliest grades.  Figurative language such as metaphors, similes, hyperbole, and personification and other types, are discussed and modeled within writing exercises.  

Speaking and Listening-  An important focus of the speaking and listening standards is academic discussion in one-on-one-on-one, small-group, and whole-class settings.  Formal presentations are one important way such talk occurs, but so is the more informal discussion that takes place as students collaborate to answer questions, build understanding, and solve problems.

Word Study- The standards expect that students will grow their vocabularies through a mix of conversations, direct instruction, and reading.  The standards will help students determine word meanings, appreciate the nuances of words, and steadily expand their repertoire of words and phrases. 

Technology Resources – Fifth Grade utilizes Google Docs along with Google Classroom as a tool for homework, daily writing, studying and much more.  For example, educational apps are attached to the Google Classroom site such as Quizlet to study Science vocabulary terms and to be assessed over them to check for mastery.  Students are instructed in basic keyboarding skills along with embedding videos on Google Slides and Google Docs.  

Math In aligning with the common core standards, the focus in 5th grade math will be on developing an understanding of our base ten system, performing operations with fractions and decimals, in addition to understanding volume by relating it to addition and multiplication. Keep in mind that not all of the new skills presented are expected to be mastered, but will be introduced over and over again for continued exposure.  The students learn through games, manipulative’s and practical application to their everyday lives. However, basic multiplication skills are expected to be mastered at this time. If your child has not yet mastered their multiplication tables they will need additional practice at home. Among other resources, the Prentice Hall Common Core Math series and NYS modules will be utilized to implement the curriculum.  The New York State Math test will be in administered in May. Students should expect daily practice problems.

ScienceWe use the Scott Foresman series for Science, which is a cross-curricular Science program that integrates a hands-on approach with, literacy and technology.  The subject matter is divided into four units: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and Space and Technology. As students gain experience and confidence in their ability to do Science, they are given greater responsibility to determine how they investigate as well as what original questions to ask.  The Scientific Method is introduced and used in many of the lab experiments and activities. Scientific process skills and the Scientific Method are introduced to students as an organized way of answering questions and solving problems about the world our God created.

Social Studies Fifth grade students will use a variety of intellectual skills and demonstrate their understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments and turning points in the western hemisphere.  This course will include in depth studies of the United States, Canada and Latin America. We study these areas through the five social studies standards, which are: History, Government, Geography, Economics and Citizenship.   This assessment is normally administered in November.  

P.E. Fifth grade students are led to develop fitness, coordination, and cooperation in Physical Education.  Basic skills, rules and regulations will be taught throughout specific sport units. Teamwork and Christian sportsmanship will be emphasized.