Covid 19 – Important Information for Church Gathering

Please read the following –

We urge anyone who does not feel comfortable or who has health concerns to stay home. If you are sick or have a fever, please stay at home. You can watch the Service of the Word from our website or call 205-885-9011 to listen to the recording over your phone. If you are not comfortable being at services right now, please know you are loved and understood. No one needs to feel compelled to attend until you are ready.

Please wear a mask when entering and leaving the church. You may take the face mask off when seated, however, we strongly recommend that all people attending worship wear a facemask.

 Prior to coming into the sanctuary, please sanitize your hands with sanitizer provided at the entrance of the sanctuary or with your own.

 We will seat parishioners every other row only. To avoid congregating in the aisles, Narthex or sidewalks, please proceed directly to your seats, sitting in the empty rows as indicated by the presence of a bulletin lying in the pew. In order to maintain proper social distancing, please maintain at least 6 feet between families within each row.

 There is no collection of offerings during the service. The collection plates are located in the Narthex for you to place your gifts as you exit the sanctuary.

 Please be patient at the end of the service as the ushers will dismiss the congregation from the back to the front, one section at a time.

Doors will remain open to reduce the touching of the hard surfaces. Elders and Ushers will monitor the doors during the service for safety.

Ushers will wear masks and gloves when handling bulletins and depositing them in the pews.

We are using a printed service following familiar liturgy. No hymnals will be used at this time. Please take your bulletins home with you. This will help us maintain cleanliness of the sanctuary and will also serve as a reminder of the prayer list and other announcements.

 We will wipe down all hard surfaces before and after each service.

Please contact us if you have any questions for concerns.