Holy Ghost Lutheran Church was transplanted to America in 1843. After many years of religious persecution in their native Prussia, the Lutheran residents of Bergholz were permitted to leave and make their way to a new home.

Settling in Niagara County, New York, the immigrants named their new village after the one they had left behind- Bergolz. They were joined in this movement by other Prussian Lutherans who established other congregations nearby.

Gathering in barns for worship, sharing limited housing available to their families, the first congregational structure built by the founders was Holy Ghost Lutheran School. As one of the major reasons for their immigration was the Prussian governmentís refusal to allow them to educate their children in their Lutheran faith, this action was a witness to Holy Ghostís dedication to Christian education.

Down through the years, that commitment to their Lutheran faith and Christian Education have been the hallmarks of This congregationís ministry and life. As a member of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod, Holy Ghost continues to adhere to Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, lifting high the cross of Christ and proclaiming the message of salvation to itís community and to the world.